The Network for Civil Defense History

The Network’s second venue, in Lund, Sweden 2018.

The 13-16th of November in 2018, the Network for Civil Defense History convened for its second meeting since its formation. Thanks to our benefactors – The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Science and the Department for Communication and Media at the University of Lund – the network was able to meet and discuss Civil Defense research and the network’s future. As of 2017, the purpose of the Network’s formation was to encourage new perspectives on civil defense history by meeting across borders, collaborating and developing new theoretical frameworks for Civil Defense and related phenomena. At the heart of the matter lied also an attempt to internationalize Civil Defense research that for a long time have had a narrow national scope. With that aim in mind, we are happy to announce that our workshop in Lund this year was a success. Twelve researchers, from doctoral students to established professors, from representing Civil Defense research from seven different countries, attended the meeting and decided the network’s next steps in terms of conferences, collaborations and publications. During 2019 – 2020, members from the network will attend new workshops lead and hosted by Casper Sylvest and Rosanna Farbøl at the University of Southern Denmark (the workshop’s will be held through their project: Danish Civil Defence during the Cold War (DACIDE)). In 2019, members of the Network will also aim to convene at the Annual Meeting for the Society for the History of Technology in Milan, Italy.

The Network for Civil Defense History is open for scholars interested in all kinds of Civil Defense History or related phenomena. If you are interested in joining our Network, please send us an email. You can also get in contact with ous through, or in our facebook group.

Lund workshop in November, 2018, at Biskopsgården. From left to right: Sarah Robey, Silvia Berger Ziauddin, Pekka Kyrenius, Sibylle Marti, Rosanna Farbøl, Fredrik Norén, Matthew Grant, Peter Bennesved, Marie Cronqvist, Casper Sylvest, Katrin Heilman, Mats Fridlund.