Workshop on Socio-technical Imaginaries – August 28-29, 2019 in Copenhagen, in cooperation with SDU

During our meeting in 2018 in Lund, we welcomed new members to our network namely Dr. Rosanna Farböl and Dr. Casper Sylvest from the University of Southern Denmark, SDU in Odense. Farböl and Sylvest are currently working on their project Danish Civil Defence during the Cold War (DACIDE). Within the frame of this project, the two invited the network to participate in a book project investigating Cold War Civil Defense History, while building on Jasanoff and Kim’s concept of Socio-technical Imaginaries.

In august 28-29, the network duly convened at the The National Institute of Public Health in Copenhagen. On this occation we also welcomed two new members, Dr. Jonathan Hogg (University of Liverpool), and Dr. Iben Björnson (Museum Inspector at the Cold War museum at Stevnsfort). The group will convene again in Copenhagen in April 2020 to further develop the chapter contributions. The book project will be edited by Farböl and Sylvest, alongside Marie Cronqvist from University of Lund, Sweden. More info on this will come later on.