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Living (again) in an age of Nuclear Fear. New avenues for studying Cold War Civil Defense.
Silvia Berger Ziauddin, Peter Bennesved, Sarah Robey,
Berliner Kolleg Kalter Krieg, 16.04.2018,
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SHOT Milano 2019: Civil Defence: On Materialities in Civil Defence History
Organizer and Chair: Sarah Robey (Idaho State University)
Commentator: Silvia Berger Ziauddin (University of Bern)

  • Peter Bennesved (Umeå University): Becoming a Sheltered Society: Sweden and the AirRaid Shelter from Idea to Materiality.
  • Katrin Heilmann (King’s College London): Governing Chinese Nuclear Materiality: the Cold War Air Defence Shelter.
  • Rosanna Farbøl (University of Southern Denmark): Civil Defence in the City: Aarhus as a Site of the Imaginary Nuclear War.
  • Casper Sylvest (University of Southern Denmark): New Directions in Civil Defence History: A Framework for Analysis.

Conference on the History of Technology and science 2019, Kiruna, Sweden: Total Defense – Information, Emotions and Materialities.
Moderator: Nina Wormbs, Kungliga tekniska högskolan.

  • Peter Bennesved (Umeå University): Stockholm in transit: Gerd Ribbing and the public shelter in between myth and monument.
  • Rosanna Farbøl (University of Southern Denmark and University of Liverpool): Atomic Infrastructure.
  • Mats Fridlund (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science/Göteborgs universitet): Affecting artefacts: Towards a posthuman history of technology of the material shaping of emotions. Casper Sylvest (University of Southern Denmark) Female Citizenship in the Atomic Age: Civil Defense and the Women’s Preparedness League.

SHOT Philadelphia 2017: Nuclear Civil Defense Studies: New Approaches and Directions.
Organizer: Sarah Robey (Idaho State University)
Chair: Mats Fridlund (Aalto University, Finland)
Commentator: Sarah Robey (Idaho State University)

  • Katrin Heilmann (Peking University): Chinese Civil Defence Education: China’s Response to the Nuclear Threat, 1956-71
  • Rachel Maines(Columbia University): The Incombustible Meets the Unthinkable: Asbestos in Fallout Shelters in Cold War America
  • Sarah Robey (Temple University): Civil Defense and Scientific Expertise: Cultural Images and Authority

SHOT Albuquerque 2015: Civil Defense and the Nuclear World: An International Perspective on the Future of Shelter Studies
Organizer: Sarah Robey (Temple University, United States).

  • Peter Bennesved and Fredrik Norén (Umeå University, Sweden): Crisis Televised: The Media System of Swedish Cold War Civil Defense
  • Silvia Berger Ziauddin (Universität Zürich, Switzerland): Thinking with the Groundhog: An Animal and Media History of the Nuclear Bunker in Cold War Switzerland
  • Sarah Robey (Temple University, United States): From Bomb Shelter to Fallout Shelter: The Thermonuclear Revolution in American Public Culture