The Network at SHOT annual meeting in Milan, October 2019

In autumn 2019, several members from the Network convened in Milan during Society for History of Technology’s annual meeting.

SHOT Milano 2019: Civil Defence: On Materialities in Civil Defence History
Organizer and Chair: Sarah Robey (Idaho State University)
Commentator: Silvia Berger Ziauddin (University of Bern) (cancelled)

  • Peter Bennesved (Umeå University): Becoming a Sheltered Society: Sweden and the Air-Raid Shelter from Idea to Materiality.
  • Katrin Heilmann (King’s College London): Governing Chinese Nuclear Materiality: the Cold War Air Defence Shelter.
  • Rosanna Farbøl (University of Southern Denmark): Civil Defence in the City: Aarhus as a Site of the Imaginary Nuclear War. (cancelled)
  • Casper Sylvest (University of Southern Denmark): New Directions in Civil Defence History: A Framework for Analysis.